Frequently Asked Questions


Below, a few common Questions answered, to save you time if un-sure on anything.

Q: Un-sure on the overall length of cable?
Answer: The overall length is not important, as this is loose in underneath/inside recliner sofa, the important part is 1. the amount of exposed inner cable from outer case, 2. the type of frame fixing, long plug, round plug or nuts(as photos on our categories) 3. if you have a spring around the exposed cable part.

Q: How do i know What cable i need?
Answer: You will need to remove the broken cable and measure the amount of exposed inner cable from outer case, if parts are frayed and/or missing from braking off part(s), you can slide out the inner cable out from case and measure both parts and the excess amount is the approx length to compare the the photos in category.

Q: Handle looks similar to one on the online shop but not sure on the dimensions?
Answer: If the handle needing replacing looks similar, then it will fit as original as these are standard sized, and only miner differences rare cases if any.

Q: Is there a metal version handles to replace the plastic one?
Answer: You can replace a plastic release handle with a metal one ONLY if your design is JM18, which a JM19 is the metal replacement.

Q: What is the difference between the JM09 to the JM10 / and JM11 to the JM12, these look the same?
Answer: These are the same and both will work in place of eachother, only difference is different manufactures use a spring for a different feel of the handle being pulled to release the footrest.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Answer: We now have a Express 2-5 day delivery service on all orders for shipping all over the USA